As we begin to plan for Hushville 2021 we would like you to take a few minutes to complete this survey. It will help us plan for 2021 and beyond. We are not sure yet whether the 2021 burn will go ahead but please answer the questions as if it was going ahead as usual on the same dates as usual. 

Ar you planning to attend Burning Man in 2021 if it goes ahead
If you attend do you intend to camp in Hushville in 2021
If Burning Man makes 2021 tickets non-refundable will that affect your decision to purchase tickets
Would you be willing to help with the planning/setup/operation of Hushville 2021
If you camp in Hushville, will you be participating in and/or organizing 'Interactive event(s)' either streetside or in our Events Structure. Our placement from the ORG depends on our level of 'interactivity' so we need to run events throughout the week
If you camp in Hushville will you organize or be part of a "theme camp within our village"
How satisfied are you with the setup and operation of Hushville in 2019
What would you like to see us do to improve Hushville in 2021
We currently use a discussion format to post information on our website and allow you to comment on posts. There are two types of formats for this, we can continue with the 'discussion group' format we currently use or change to a 'listserv/email group' format(it would be similar to our old yahoo group. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. if you have a preference what would it be?
Is there any additions or changes you would like to see to our Hushville website?
If you camped in Hushville in 2019, did you work volunteer shifts for any of the following teams. Check all boxes that apply. Please answer acurately as the results will form part of our 2021 placement application