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Be careful out there - Enhanced Traffic Stops

we just received this from placement...........its worth a read...


We are receiving reports the Department of Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Pyramid Lake police are strictly enforcing all traffic laws on Highway 447 in Wadsworth and Nixon right now, and they are using dogs to inspect vehicles that have been pulled over. Many of these stops then progress into vehicle searches. There seems to be a focus on trucks, trailers, RVs and motorcycles. Long wait times are possible.

Please remember to drive at or slightly below the speed limit, follow all traffic laws — including staying within the proper lane, and, if you are stopped by law enforcement for questioning, please comport yourself responsibly. Failure to follow instructions could lead to your arrest.

Interfering with law enforcement during a stop, investigation, or at any time is considered an offense. Even though you may want to help your friend or the driver of your vehicle, please be mindful of staying calm, cooperating, and speaking respectfully to law enforcement officers. Don't escalate the situation by arguing, being agitated, or gathering too closely around an incident. If you're asked to back away, do it.

Also, please note that narcotics are illegal at the Burning Man event. If you or anyone in your vehicle is transporting narcotics to the event site, you not only risk getting arrested yourself, you are putting the future of the event in jeopardy.

We want your feedback. If you have an interaction with law enforcement whether positive or negative, please write down your experience while the details are still fresh in your mind and email us or fill out our Law Enforcement Feedback Form and turn it in.