How did Hushville start?

The idea for Hushville came after some of us had a rather unpleasant time at Burning Man 2000, where we were under nonstop sonic bombardment from five directions for the entire week. After returning home, we discussed how nice it would be to have a place a tad bit quieter, and well, that was that. Hushville debuted in 2001 and is now one of the largest villages in the city. It attracts a diverse group of people of all ages, many nationalities and ethnicities, and a wide range of interests. It also acts as a theme camp incubator; a number of independent Burning Man theme camps had their start in Hushville.

Where in the default world is Hushville based?

With the Hushville Flounders scattered over several states and Canada, we don’t consider Hushville to be based out of any specific geographic location. We’re proud to have folks from all over the world join us every year.

What’s a Flounder?

The Hushville Flounders are the core group of people responsible for making the village happen each year. We submit the Placement Questionnaire and work with the Burning Man placement team to secure a chunk of land that will hopefully be large enough for everyone. We’ve been doing this every year since 2001 so we kind of have the process down.

  L-R Gary, Ohio, El Leon, Cupcake, Deepstar, Little Jack


How big is Hushville?

We are one of the larger villages on playa, our population is usually around 300 people. Now don’t let that scare you off, we truly work really hard to ensure everyone feels a sense of place and feels a part of our village, every year we have tons of new campers. Our layout is such that we give it a sense of community with a central meeting place (Called ‘Town Round”) and internal streets that allow you to wander around and meet your fellow neighbors. And did I mention ‘events’…Hushvillians are very social people and we always have things going on so check out our events calendar to see what you can participate in or better yet host an event!!!

What did Hushville look like in 2023?

Here is a map of our village which gives you an idea of how we lay things out. All the open area you see is reserved for our non theme camp campers and we have LOTS of space for all of you.