Who camps in Hushville and what is their age range?

We are a really diverse group, singles, couples, LGBT.  Our age range is from early 20’s to early 80’s, yup you heard right we have had people in their 80’s join us regularly and lemme tell you they ROCK!!!.

I have a great idea for something that should be done in Hushville.

Wonderful… do it! We set up the infrastructure (The FLASHCUBE event space and the TOWN ROUND gathering  space… all the cool stuff comes from those of you who camp in it! The Burning ManOrganization is big on interactivity and we fully support that initiative.

Will there be a community kitchen / shower / evap pond?

No, all camps within Hushville operate autonomously. Just as though you were in open camping, you are responsible for all aspects of your own experience. Likewise, there is no community shower or grey-water evaporation system. It’s all up to you, folks.

Just how quiet do we have to be? Can I play my drum?

People camp in Hushville because they want some peace and quiet. Will your activity (singing, yelling, drumming, chanting, blacksmithing, whatever) be at odds with this? If so, Hushville’s not the best spot – but there’s a whole wide playa out there where you can do it. We don’t expect people to sit around in muted silence (ain’t no party like a Hushville party!), but just keep in mind why it’s called Hushville. We have had impromptu jam sessions with non amplified instruments every year.

How about a radio or boombox?

Technically, these come under the category of amplified sound, but we understand the importance of listening to BMIR especially during weather events. The single most important thing is that the sound not extend beyond your own camp.

I know the rules say “no amplified sound within Hushville,” but can I hold my fabulous “Twenty-Four Hours of Tuba” celebration one foot from Hushville’s boundaries?

While that would technically be in compliance with Hushville’s rules, it’s not really in swing with the spirit of the village.

What’s to stop someone from setting up a giant sound system right across the street from Hushville?

Nothing, provided they’re not violating the official sound policy. However we have worked with the Rangers in the past when this issue has come up and have come to  satisfactory arrangements in most cases.

Is it OK if I bring an RV?

Sure, as long as you don’t plan to use the generator. You may find a few tent campers choose to use you as a wind break.

Can I run my car engine from time-to-time to charge my laptop/camera/whatever?

Nope! An idling car engine is a generator. It makes noise, creates exhaust and is not allowed in the village.

But I really need air conditioning during the hot part of the day.

Have you considered volunteering in ice sales at Arctica? It’s the coldest place on the playa, and you’ll be doing a good deed.

How do I help out around Hushville?

That’s the best question you could have asked! Our needs change from year to year. Keep an eye on the Discussion Group here on the website, and be sure to subscribe to the Announcements topic to learn about projects, get-togethers and volunteer opportunities within Hushville. 

Will there be someone responsible for clean-up?

Yes… YOU! Hushvillains are 110% committed to thoroughly cleaning our individual camps, the village area, and picking up MOOP as we travel about the playa. It’s important to us to be “green” on the annual MOOP Map so we can get placed for next year.

If I camp in Hushville, will I have to do anything special?

The only thing you’re required to do is abide by our three rules. However, many Hushvillains take an active role in welcoming newcomers and verifying that they’re aware of where they’re camping; it’s never any fun for us or them when Patty’s Primal Scream Therapy camp accidentally sets up in Hushville at 4am.

Does camping in Hushville qualify me for early arrival into BRC?

No. If you arrive before the official start time the gate will turn you away.

Link to our 2024 camping registration page

 Our camping registration will open in March 2024, please drop back then to register to camp with us. 

Hushville Village Layout 2023

Here is what we will look like in 2023, all of the open space not designated for reserved camping is used to place all our non reserved campers who have registered to camp with us. Don’t worry if your registered we will have space for you.