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Burning Man canceled for 2020

It was just announced today that this years burn has been canceled. It is painful but it is the right decision. For those of you with DGS tickets they are working out the refund policy. For the rest of us let's use the time in constructive ways and keep the 10 principles as part of our go forward plan for this year. Hushville will return next year, we are family and families pull together in difficult times. Stay safe everyone

The Flounders

Here is the link to the official announcement

And visit the official website to see the plans they are putting together for the "virtual multiverse" and hear a short video from Marian, the CEO of the burning man organization.

Very sad.

After writing the following I found that I don't have permission to create a new topic in Hushville Announcments. I tried to email Deepstar, but no reply yet. Time is short, the Zoom is tomorrow, so I am breaking the rules a little by adding this as a reply to a previous topic (I hope that this is viewed as important enough to break the rules like this). Maybe someone with proper permissions will see this and create a new Annoucements topic.


It seems that this has reached the level of a Hushville Announcement to post here. It could be that more people are subscribed to this Announcements forum than the General Discussion forum, so posting here may reach more people.

As we have been discussing in the General Discussion forum, ShortShorts and Gin&Tonics is happening! At the usual time, Wednesday of burn week at 6:00 Pacific Time. In other words, TOMORROW at 6:00 Pacific Time. Only this year over Zoom.

Zoom Host: BobSpelledBackwards

ShortShorts Host: PlumLightnin, as always.

Gin&Tonics: is BYO.

Agenda from PlumLightnin: "I'll be there tomorrow Wednesday September 2, 2020 at 6 pm PDT to join anyone else who'd like to make a short musical/poetic/standup/reading/whatever presentation and/or schmooze a bit.   Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!"

Please contact anyone else from Hushville that you know how to contact to invite them.

Meeting ID: 851 7634 3375

If you have not done it before, Zoom is very easy. On android you download the Zoom app from Play Store. It will work on either an android tablet or an android phone. It must be similar for the iPad and iPhone. On Windows you can download an app or I believe you can just google the Zoom website then join the meeting right from your browser (although the app seems to be harmless also).

Select "Join Meeting" then type in the above meeting ID numbers. There is no password.

If necessary: Turn on your video. Unmute your microphone.

In case of any problem, check this forum for announcements. But I believe the above is everything that you need to know.