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INTRODUCING your NEW 2022 Hushville TEAMS!

Happy Summer Hushvillians!

Now that we are BRC minus 2 months, we anticipate you are AMPED UP, gathering your gear and making plans to return to our dusty Home after TWO LONG YEARS away!

We have some exciting news to share with you about 3 NEW TEAMS that have formed since we were last on-playa together – the Infrastructure Team, the Events Team and the LNT/Eco Team.


The Infrastructure Team is responsible to ensure that our primary shared structures and associated nuts & bolts arrive on playa ready to go, and are installed in time to kick off Burn Week right!    Please welcome your Infrastructure Team:  Rascal (Lead), Plum Lightnin, Indigo Druid, Sweet Jane, BobSpelledBackwards, Legend, Archer, Ohio, Little Jack and WongDog!!

Next up…. EVENTS!

You will recall that in 2019 the Flash Cube made its debut on Playa as our large shade structure on E Street.     The Flash Cube will be returning this year and will again host all manner of fabulous and creative events.   Last time around, the Flash Cube was so popular that we decided we needed more event space so… the infamous Town Round will also be an event space this year – both for our Hushville peeps as well as our BRC friends.   Both will be reservable ONLINE.

The Events Team has created a more user-friendly self-serve calendar/reservation system through Google Calendar, are getting the word out, connecting with Hushville’s Theme Camps as well as our regular villagers to kick up our Participation/Interactivity and further engage our Black Rock City citizens with the Hushville community!    Please welcome your HV Events Team:  Brother Monkey and Infinite Confetti (Co-Leads), Ice Cold and YOU (?)

Volunteer positions are OPEN for the Events Team, both on and off-playa.   Please connect with Infinite Confetti to get involved (Yes – it’s FUN)!

Keep your eye on the EVENTS page for more info, and in the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, start dreaming up some COOL/FUN/SILLY things to do and share some Hushville LUV with our BRC friends.

And to round things out… the HV LNT/Eco Team!

Our NEW LNT/Eco Team are on point to get the word out… making sure EVERYBODY knows how to keep our village Home MOOP-free.   Here’s your LNT/Eco Team:   Tig (Lead), BobSpelledBackwards, El Leon and Chow!    Got passion for Leave No Trace?   Get on down and join the LNT/Eco Team!   They’d love to have you.

That’s it for the moment, stay well and join us!    After all.. it takes a Village.   😊

Dusty dreams and a ♥ filled Hushville hug,


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