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Good morning Everyone!

While we are unable to gather in person at this moment in our beautiful (and HOT!) dusty HOME, Burning Man continues in our physical absence and is very much alive ONLINE.

I was surprised at how much there was to do once I figured out how to navigate the Multiverse online.     I also attended both the Gin & Tonic/Short Shorts party and the Friday Night Hushville Cocktail Party and saw some old friends and made some new ones.  Thank you to Plum Lightnin' and Bob for hosting!

Earlier in the week, I was able to navigate some of the universes with mixed success - many of which were free.     In the MultiVerse, you can zoom around the virtual playa with your friends on a Hoverboard using your mobile phone/iPad and visit all manner of playa art installations and in Sparkleverse, you can attend many events, dance parties, talks and art offerings.   I attended a live stream virtual dance party hosted from the Amazon in Brazil (and consequently lost just about as much sleep having fun as a typical burn year!).

If you are interested in learning how - I'll set up a ZOOM event on "The Virtual Playa" at NOON Pacific today and talk you through what I've learned.   Check the HUSHVILLE EVENTS PAGE!

Don't forget tonight is BURN NIGHT all over the world and the Burn is currently being live-streamed on BURN NIGHT LIVE FROM HOME here:    Videos created by Burners are also featured and will transport you back in time.   You may also find Burning Man communities on this page (95 and counting!) you can join to watch the event together.

Tomorrow night the Temple burns at 8:00 PM Pacific Time.    You can create a Temple offering TODAY that will be digitally burned tomorrow night.    OFFERING WORKSHOP CLOSES TODAY 9/5


Put a little playa in your day!

Much love and a dusty Burner Hug, Cupcake