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A Call to Action!!

Please read the following message from the Burning Man Organization, then Act!

*** This is a CALL TO ACTION ***

BLM has issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Burning Man event, and their new requirements pose an existential threat to the future
of Black Rock City.
We need you and your teams to weigh in on these issues by writing a comment and/or attending one or both of the Draft EIS public hearings

Monday April 8 in Reno and Tuesday April 9 in Lovelock
We have reviewed the report and broken it down for you here:-

BLM Threatens Future of Burning Man With Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Fact-checking BLM: EIS Backgrounder

How to Submit a Great Comment on BLM’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement

These Burning Man Journal posts will answer your pressing questions and without a doubt inspire you to get involved...

Let’s be clear: this is a real threat to Burning Man’s future, and we need the community’s help.

Send this email to your campmates and subject matter experts. Read the report. Comment now and join us at the public meetings in Reno on Monday
April 8 and Lovelock on Tuesday April 9 (details in the posts).

This EIS is for the next 10-year permit. We have asked BLM to study potential growth, but we have no immediate plans to grow. We want to understand the true potential environmental, operational, and cultural impacts before any decision about growth is made.


Questions? Send to

Thank you!
Marnee Benson
Associate Director of Government Affairs
*Burning Man*
w. (415) 865-3800