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A Few important things regarding camping registration and camp placement -Please Read

Camping Registration CLOSES August 18.......if you or any of your camp mates haven't yet registered do it now. If you are not registered to camp with us you will be turned away at our greeter station and we really don't want that to happen.

We still have alot of shifts to fill for our greeter station please do your part to help Hushville operate, here is the link to our signup page

There will be a follow up announcement next week on greeter station open hours to plan your arrival but we need shifts covered to open.

Our village map is now posted on the "Camping in Hushville" page on our website so pop over and see what we will look like this year.

If any camps who asked to be placed and don't see your camp on the map contact me ( and if any camps still would like reserved camping contact me. Keep in mind all reserved camps MUST have an interactivity plan with our events team.

Also remember you cannot set up camp in Hushville before main gate opens unless you have made arrangements, again contact me if you haven't already.

We are really excited that we will soon all build our village in BRC.......

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Infinite ConfettiKen Mitchell

Did everything right this time....but, still was not successful getting a ticket and car pass via OMG ticket sale.  I registered to camp in Hushville, but I will not be able to get through the gate.  How do I unregister, so someone else can camp in Hushville?

Don’t give up yet Mtn Girl! Be sure to subscribe to announcements from the HV ticket exchange. Someone just offered one yesterday.
Best of luck.