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An update on our call for donations - Please Read

Hushville is an informal group that is not in any way a business or a non-profit organization so there is no tax benefit to making your donation to us. You are simply helping us to purchase replacement items for our existing infrastructure(perimeter flagging, internal street whiskers,Hushville signage and repairs to Town Round and our Flash Cube performance space}. 100% of the donations used for this purpose and there is no overhead(all time is volunteered)

So if you feel inclided to help us out you can use Paypal to send your donation, please code it as 'payment to a friend' not to a business since we get charged a fee if coded to a business.

You can make your donation directly to using your paypal account that will direct it to our Hushville infrastructure fund.

If you do not have a paypal account please send an email to and we can arrange for some other form of payment.

Thank you in advance for your help. It will allow Hushville to continue and thrive.

Hushville Flounders

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Though I can’t make it this year, I will gladly help support Hushville for all the past and future years I have and will enjoy.

Annie Cinnabar Clare