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Arctica, Paella & Trail Magic

This was a stellar Burn for me for a number of reasons. A huge thank you and dusty hugs for all those folks who worked the Hushville ice shift at Arctica on Tutu Tuesday. Such great fun passing time at Arctica and some folks went on to sign up for a lot more shifts. Rob and Ian really had too much fun, I saw them working there every time I went to buy ice all week long.

A highlight this year was the Hushville Cocktail Party, meeting all you folks, new and old friends. Also make magical by James and the vegan Paella dish he brought to share. James could you share that recipe? Kelly’s Peanut Butter Bar would be cool too. Maybe  here on or my email is attached to my profile here somewhere.

I had a great chat at HCP with a fine fellow that enjoyed giving trail magic to thru hikers, maybe a F&N? I would love to talk a little more on cooking for some trail crews I’m working on with the PCTA. Game? Please email...

Also had a super time as a paint & brush bitch for Chow and Pip who were each painting Centre Camp Murals this year. Watching paint dry will never be the same.

Thank you all, Tig

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