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covert covid concerns

Hope everyone is doing well.  Could be a lo-o-o-o-ong time 'til we can socialize again.  Just a few days without events/parties/meetings/close contact makes me realize just how social people are--or would like to be.

If China, with its tightly-controlled populace, takes a few months to reach the peak, then the USA with its independent streak (and, shall we say, less than stellar leadership), could take much longer (sigh).  But I'm still hopeful that the Burn will happen this year.  (Yes, under that cynical, crusty exterior, there exists an inner optimist.)   I'm still collecting pearls of literature or other verbiage/songs/stories for the ShortShorts and Gin&Tonics this year, and you should too.

Our local neighborhood has had a number of offers of help to those who might need "stuff" or (remote-ish) contact periodically.  Presumably all ye Hushvillians out there are making similar offerings in your part of the world.  It turns out it's NOT all about me, in spite of my default thought processes.

So, chin up, and keep on being grateful for what we have.



Thanks plum, so what is everyone else doing in this time of 'social distancing' it would be great if we could hear from people and start a discussion because Hushville is family it always has been its more than just a piece of dirt on the playa....we are a community there so we can be a community here. So thoughts? idea's? frustrations? fears? kudo's whats on your mind.....

I will start with a HUGE shout out to our front line medical people and the first responders.......amazing hero's in dangerous times!!!!!

I am a little bias'd because one of my daughters is an RT manager in a hospital in Calgary she and her team are lazer focus'd on doing the best they can to keep people safe and help those who are sick recover. I am very proud of her and ALL the hospital teams out there.