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Dry Camp+Swim: Wadsworth/Fernley on East Truckee River

In case this could be of interest to others, I am staying at a brand new Air BnB listing called "East Truckee River" in Fernley/Wadsworth on Thursday night.  I am the first guest. Owner can accommodate others.  Property is ON the river with private swimming access.  Owner offers dry RV camping ($20), and day use ($10) now, and future "bungalows" are under construction.  Could be veeeery nice coming out of Burning Man...

Tell her I sent you!  Leslie/Vermillion

aqua_13 has reacted to this post.

I arrived and departed in pitch darkness, without ever seeing the river in 2018.  Don't know if the Air BnB listing is still up in 2019. Communication was not good, altho hostess was generous, and it was really hard to locate in the dark (nuthin like searching and searching, after midnight and an 11 hour drive...).  However, it was really great to depart Fernley for Burning Man before 6am.


Sorry--I could not figure out how to revise my reply a few minutes ago.  The listing on Air BnB IS CURRENT in July 2019, and there is an additional listing that is linked, same place and host, for a room with bath.