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Help Support Hushville - The FLASH DRIVE

As you may or may not know, Hushville, unlike many Theme Camps and Villages DOES NOT charge annual dues and we are proud of having been able to offer NO DUES camping for many years.   From time to time, we need to purchase infrastructure and/or supplies for the Village, which are reimbursed through contributions by the Hushville community.

This year, as you know, we are erecting a large shade structure over the FLASH CUBE to make it habitable/usable for all Hushvillians to host events.    We have recently purchased a heavy duty shade structure from fellow Burners, Black Rock Hardware, (in support of their art projects and BRC camp - Empire of Dirt) along with some related infrastructure supplies and materials.

For 2019 we need to raise $1400 to cover costs and will be hosting an on playa fundraiser called the FLASH DRIVE.

How can you help?

Please see Ceille at the Hushville Greeters Station to contribute.

Thank you for supporting your Village!

See you soon,

The Flounders

Thanks so much to the Flounders and everyone involved for developing this new Hville space!

For those of us who:

  • may not have cash on the playa
  • may not make it to the Monday Meet & Greet
  • may not be coming this year but would still like to contribute

Is there a way to donate ahead of time? Paypal, etransfer, etc? And we all know how things get forgotten post-burn. It would be great if we could get the ball rolling ahead of the burn for those who would like to take advantage of that.


Hi there Pornge,

Thank for raising this question.   We are currently not set up for electronic payments at this time.   Hopefully everyone will be bringing some amount of cash to the playa for ice and coffee.  We will gladly accept cash at the Greeters Station and there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute.   Please stop in and see Ceille at the Greeters Station!    🙂

For those not attending, we will catch up with them next time we pass the hat.

Many thanks and see you soon,



What a great year! Felt more connected and involved than ever before. Made some great new friends and strengthened relationships with old. Even though it was extra hot, it was still a very positive time. The pitch in spirit was super strong and much appreciated! Didn't quite implement all the frontage decor upgrades planned, but felt really good about our presence on the street and ability to share it with others.

The Flash Cube was a great idea and seemed like it was really hopping every time I passed by. Fully intended to make a contribution to the structure, but it got away from me. I would love to send a check (to Deepstar, I believe), so if an address could be provided to me via personal email, i'd like to follow through on that. Also interested to know how close donations came to reaching the goal.

Many thanks again to everyone in Hushville for all the work involved in providing an amazing place and community to call home!

Many, many very dusty hugs,

Cinnabar and Mr Handy