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How to set up your camp for max shade / minimum wind

I found this helpful map that shows you how to set your camp up so that you can provide the most shade throughout the day and block the winds.

I can't figure out how to post a pic here, so here's a link to the dropbox file.


I overlaid a similar graphic (from another link) on top of where hushville is placed

Not sure I entirely agree with the first layout (on dropbox link).  It shows the "shade angle" for the most shade at 103 degrees from north.  As far as I know, the sun always peaks to dead South.  Thus your line of shade (as if you had a wall on one side) should be facing due South, and thus would run along the 90 degree line relative to True North.

Perhaps someone confused the 13 degree local magnetic declination (difference between True North and Magnetic North) and meant to utilize MAGNETIC North, but still didn't do so the correct direction.  Using Magnetic North would put the line at 90 minus 13 degrees (or 77 degrees) from MAGNETIC north.  Jus' sayin'.


Yeah, they probably should have clarified the "max shade" concept.

I think what they mean is max shade for the early morning, so people can sleep past 8 or 9 am. But you're right, if you're talking max shade for a shade structure open on one side, it probably makes sense to angle the closed side due south.