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Interactivity and Village Standing

After reading yet another Placement newsletter about the importance of interactivity of villages (and theme camps) in the allocation of DGS tickets--I am wondering--what was the village's standing last year?  (2019)  Good, Limited or Not Good?

We do not yet know our status, I expect to hear this week.

If you haven't seen that Placement newsletter and you're wondering what brigitgoddess is talking about, you can read it here:

Hey, if all that effort that Cupcake et al made to fire up the frontage (via the Flash Cube--yeah, I had to look it up, my memory being what it isn't), not to mention all the other frontage camps, I dunno what it would take.  There were a LOT of events there, not to mention the GTFTS camp winning the 356th most bestest dive bar in town.   If Hushville scores less than "good" in "interactivity", I'll be, uh, disappointed.  And will have to do more barking apparently.