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Is ShortShorts and Gin&Tonics on Wednesday as usual?

So is ShortShorts and Gin&Tonics happening? If I recall it is Wednesday of burn week, which is only a couple days away.

I need to start preparing some jokes...

PlumLightnin, you out there?

Yup, I'm here.  I thought earlier this year about having the SSGT via zoom, but lost momentum and interest some months ago.  I've been enervated, anxious, and depressed with the pandemic, fires, politics, etc., and have turned my energy to personal projects to maintain my sanity.  But if others express interest, I'll try to put something together (albeit maybe not by Wednesday), with a few days' notice.  (I've never hosted a zoom meeting, but I guess it can't be that hard--OTOH, if someone would like to volunteer to host it and sort out how to get the meeting link to everyone interested, that would make it more likely to happen.)



Vermillion has reacted to this post.

Hello PlumLightnin!

Actually, I was joking, thinking nostalgically about past ShortShorts and Gin&Tonics.

But why not try a Zoom?

I have a Zoom account and can be the Zoom host. If I recall correctly ShortShorts was Wednesday at 6:00 Pacific Time, which is 8:00 for me in Chicago (Central Time). So I set up a Zoom meeting for 8:00 Central Time on Wednesday (this Wednesday, like tomorrow, the Wednesday of burn week). If nobody shows up, no harm.

Meeting ID: 851 7634 3375

If you have not done it before, Zoom is very easy. On android you download the Zoom app from Play Store. It must be similar for the iPhone. On Windows you can download an app or I believe you can just google the Zoom website then join the meeting right from your browser (although the app seems to be harmless also).

Select "Join Meeting" then type in the above meeting ID numbers. There is no password.

If necessary: Turn on your video. Unmute your microphone.

My concern is that not many people get notices from this forum so it could be nobody will show up. A few thumbs up posts on the forum will encourage this to happen. Maybe someone else on the forum will know how to contact more people.

Plum, I leave it to your capable and experienced hands to decide if this is a go or no go, and to be the host if it is a go. I can be the Zoom host but you are the event host. What do you think?

PlumLightnin and Vermillion have reacted to this post.

I will be “there” Wed at 6pm Pacific Time!

Thanks, BobSpelledBackwards2.

Hope to see and hear you, PlumLightnin. These are challenging times, for sure.

Looking forward to some Hushville community cheer,


PlumLightnin has reacted to this post.

Awrightee!  Thanks boB for setting up the zoom video connection for the SSGT.  (Those of you who haven't done any zooming will find it fairly easy to negotiate; boB has outlined the process a few posts prior.)

I'll be there tomorrow Wednesday September 2, 2020 at 6 pm PDT to join anyone else who'd like to make a short musical/poetic/standup/reading/whatever presentation and/or schmooze a bit.   Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!

Unfortunately all the bar-tending electrons are sheltering these days, so you'll have to provide your own gin & tonics.  (And if you've not tried it before, check out Barr Hill gin; a bit spendy, but makes a really interesting Corpse Reviver #2, or just a standard gin & tonic, depending on your ambition level.)



boB, if you're on this, can you provide the entire link directly?  That's how I usually get signed in, and it doesn't require you to sign up to Zoom, IIRC (and I may not).

In any case, I'm standing by for you to "open the gate" and let us in!



Direct Link (meeting is currently in progress)

Join Zoom Meeting