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Let's LIGHT UP Hushville this year

Hi folks it's just over 3 months til we will be on playa and we would really like to encourage everyone to creatively light up their camp (it will be mandatory for those wanting to camp streetside). Placement has made it clear to us they dont want to see dark camps so get creative, there are tons of solar light options on Amazon and other places, and what's better than turning Hushville into a solar camp. Now we would like to see a bit more than just one little string of lights. Lets have some fun with this and please comment on this post with ideas or start your own new topic. I KNOW Hushvillians are creative so let's show placement we really know how to "get er done" after all we all know bright blinky things are kinda cool

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Should we be creating a Kickstarter or Indiegogo fundraiser to fund the solar infrastructure for the recurring camps such as the Home for Wayward Art that are along the perimeter of Hushville? It sounds like Placement is looking for a bit more than some strings of AA battery powered blinking lights.

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Thanks for your thoughts wazi, no placement isn't looking for las Vegas style lighting lol, solar strings are just fine as well as pathway lights and solar floods, their primary focus is that when people walk past a camp or village at night that it's just not a black hole. My comment about more than simply one string of lights was that solar strings and other solar lights have become very reasonably priced so having multiple strings isn't expensive, for example on our shade structure at checking we ring the top with solar strings plus wrap them around each guy strap down to the ground and have a solar light up in the ceiling pointing up for indirect lighting. We are hoping people get creative with lighting either their shade structure or signs or stand alone lighted objects or art. It can be lots of fun to think up creative ideas and remember this isn't just for streetside, Hushville would look amazing if internal campers also lit things up. So lets share some ideas and build our individual "christmas in the desert" kinda things.

I feel like Go The Fuck to Sleep did pretty well last year with lighting the camp up all night--but given this direction from the BMOrg--we'll add more this year--in fact--there were plans afoot to do more lighting this year before this even was posted!


Yeah solar led light strings are super cheap now, especially the copper wire ones. Word of warning though: be very carefully both unrolling and re-rolling them. If they touch themselves they instantly tangle and it's impossible to untangle (I threw away one string last year because I was so frustrated trying to untangle them) or one of the many dozens of other types.

If you want to go the extra mile, buy separate rechargeable AA batteries, the ones inside solar lights are usually way under-powered, with a bigger battery they will be brighter and last longer. Especially if you pre-charge the battery before going to the burn.

Not sure I would buy the set noted on previously...the ratio of good to bad reviews isn't encouraging.  I would generally steer clear of products with a ratio of 5-star to 1-star reviews of less than 6:1, and preferably 10:1.  And anything with more than 5% 1-star reviews is likely to be less than satisfying IMO.