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Lighting up your camp

This year we would like to really encourage people to "Light Up Your Camp", there are so many fun and inexpensive solar options out there so let's have some fun with it!!!!

So come on folks share your idea's let's make Hushville really stand out this year. The BMORG doesn't like dark camps so not only will your creative lighting ideas make Hushville look great, it will help us stay in their good books for future placement. And for all those of you who are looking for street side reserved placement it will be mandatory that lighting is part of your plan.....


Go The Fuck to Sleep will have lighting in our CuddleSpace at night--and we try and have lighting in our own personal space every year.

Thanks, Deepstar.

Would others please offer suggestions and products for marking guy lines and stakes to be somewhat visible after dark?

I took a bad fall last year on a newbie's tent guy line that had no light or reflector or ANYTHING.  One thing I used that was sort of effective (better than nothing) was well-secured, highly reflective mylar ribbon wrapped in very loose spiral around guy lines so it kept moving in the breeze.  Lights are better.  Even a weighted down 5 gal white bucket at the guy line stake is better than nothing.



Just a thought:  It's pretty cheap and easy to carry some lengths (6'-8') of 1/2" pvc tubing and run your guy wires through these so they are visible.


I Have a ton of small solar lights that I will be bringing. For anyone that does not adhere to lighting up their own guidelines they might wake up to a new light on the line