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New Team-LNT/Eco Team

As the long time Hushville LNT Lead I am now transitioning to a new position within the Flounders. As part of our planning for the 2022 event I am looking to form a LNT/Eco team to spread out the workload and possibly broaden the scope of what is done.

Hushville has always done a great job on the LNT front, consistently getting positive LNT ratings from the Org. With this in mind I would like to continue that tradition and also expand into other ways that could lessen our villages and Burning Man's impact on the planet. If you are interested in participation on this team email me at
El Leon
Former Hushville LNT Lead

So far we have 4 members of our new team. Anyone else interested in joining? If yes contact me at

El Leon

Hushville Village Lead

Howdy folks, may I kick off a discussion forum series of MOOP & LNT thoughts by introducing you to your LNT/Eco team for 2022, BobSpelledBackwards, Chow & Tig. Please don’t hesitate to reach out on this discussion board or look us up on Playa with any questions you might have on MOOP problems or Leave No Trace Strategies.

Thank you for all in advance for your LNT efforts in Hushville & beyond.....BSB, Chow & Tig

Our guiding principles in Hushville are shared with the BMorg comprehensive Leave No Trace plan which begins long before you arrive on the playa. Included below is a list of items to bring, and a list of others it’s best to leave at home.

  • The following items are most likely to become MOOP: glitter (not allowed in BRC), feathers, rhinestones, Astroturf, sequins, styrofoam coolers, plastic bags, paper, string, disposable drink cups, hay bales, straw, gravel — or anything that can blow away in the wind.
  • If you must buy single-serving drinks, choose aluminum cans over glass bottles. Aluminum cans can be recycled at Recycle Camp.
  • Carry a MOOP bag everywhere you go — deep playa, art pieces, dance floors — LNT applies to the entire playa, not just your camp.
  • If you smoke, bring a pocket ashtray (for example, a mint tin) to collect cigarette butts and ashes (yes, ash is MOOP!).
  • Kitchens, construction areas and workspaces generate the most MOOP. Packing a tarp to lay down in those areas can save a lot of clean-up time.
  • Rope and other tie downs are required for securing everything in your camp and for strapping anything on top of your vehicle for the trip to or from the playa.
  • A plastic milk or water jug with a handle is ideal for collecting MOOP around your camp (which you should do throughout the week).
  • Showers are great on the playa, but shower water is gray water, and not allowed to hit the playa. Remember to bring a small inflatable swimming pool or other water containment device. Conserve shower water by reducing frequency, or taking shorter showers (or showering with friends! — with consent). The more water you conserve or evaporate, the less gray water you will need to collect from your containment device and bring off playa.
  • Don’t want to haul greywater home? You have options! The Playa Living section of our website has great ideas for properly dealing with greywater.



Thank you Tig for the great introduction to the LNT/Eco Team!  This is Chow and I wanted to reinforce Tig's excellent summary with a brief simplification and reminder:  On the Playa, MOOP is pretty much anything other than dust!

So, as you make your final packing decisions, keep that in mind and limit materials that will become MOOP.  We'll be sending a few more notices to everybody to outline some additional ideas to ponder about MOOP and its control, but for now I wanted to make one more point.

Tig, BobSpelledBackwards and myself (Chow) are the LNT/Eco Team!  Our mission is to make sure HV is GREEN on the MOOP MAP again in 2022 after the Burn - that means when they review our Village property after cleanup, they will not find any MOOP.  We are trying to help educate and remind everybody to not create any MOOP and to leave each and every campsite MOOP free.  We are NOT your clean-up crew.  Each HV camper is responsible for their own MOOP as well as making sure that ALL of HV is MOOP free.

Thank you for your commitment to the BM Principle of Leaving No Trace!  Together with the BM principles of Participation and Radical Self-reliance we'll be able to keep HV MOOP free.

The man burns soon, so get ready!  More reminders to come and thank you for helping!!

Chow and the rest of the LNT/Eco Team