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Planning for 2021 Burn

I just posted on our announcements that BRC 2021 planning has started by the ORG, this is exciting  news for those of us who are ready for some "playa time". So start your planning and share with us here in this forum what your thinking, we would love to hear from you. We will post updates as soon as we receive them from the ORG. As mentioned in the announcement there is no word yet on a main sale date or pricing but they said there will be an announcement in the next few weeks. If the event proceeds Hushville will be on playa to welcome you home.


CinnabarScout and Infinite Confetti have reacted to this post.
CinnabarScoutInfinite Confetti

my thoughts and plans are FK YES!!  we were lucky enough to have our regional event, kiwiburn, here in new zealand in jan/feb but it's just not the same, of course... if there's a way for me to get to the playa, then i will be bringing my full, unapologetic, unabashed and untamed self home to BRC!! <333  there are plenty of logistics to organise to make that happen, including re-entry into nz which requires booking a (very limited) space in an "isolation hotel" on arrival back into the country (our govt is super strong on stopping covid at the border). in any case, i'm in full support of a 2021 burn and all the joys that it brings - gawd knows we all need an extra handful of magic fairy dust sprinkled over us right about now!

CinnabarScout has reacted to this post.
While I have no idea at this point whether we will feel comfortable returning to BRC this year, I feel the proactive thing to do is to keep taking steps forward to leave the door open. The placement newsletter seems clear that if plans change last minute, there will be no penalty for next year.
I am wondering how my usual interactivity and gifts would be appropriate to what i imagine will be a mixed group of COVID realists and deniers; Vax and mask resisters vs cautious adopters of continued protective measures, etc. Sharing of the provided Comfort Stop supplies seems a little sketchy to me as we are on the cautious side of the fence.
I feel as the newsletter suggests, that we could at least begin a dialog amongst our campmates and visioning process in the direction of joining forces as we had planned last year in an effort to be prepared.
One step forward I'm excited about is that I got a Radrunner ebike recently. My takeaway from 2019 was that having that boost would make my travel around the playa much more enjoyable and inviting since I don't seem to keep up with my riding year round and it was surprisingly more tiring than I'd previously experienced, but that's a different topic!
Cheers! Onward and upward!