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Saying Hi

Hi Hushvillians,  Will be missing so many of you with whom I have camped from 2007 - 2015.  I have real Hushville envy, but at 86, it is just not in the cards for me to return.  Those of you who are new, are in for a real treat, and those of you who remember me please know that I will be thinking of you all with tender and loving memories.  Some of the best times of my life were spent in Hushville and volunteering in the ARTery.  There is a season for all things in one's life and the Burning season in mine is behind me, but the memories are never extinguished.  So, kids, have a ball and participate to the max.  This is your moment and savor every moment.

With love to all

Magic Marty




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Thanks for your beautiful post. Like you, I camped in Hushville for the first time in 2007. Many things have changed in my life since then. That big wheel turns and the river flows. There are seasons in a life. This year I’m returning to Burning Man with my wife, and between us, five of our six children. My nephew will be with us. My younger sister and her girlfriend will be there. My oldest sister will join us as well. All virgin burners.  All at Burning Man for the first time. I hope when they read your post they’ll be inspired to do as you suggest. Have a ball, participate, and savor every moment. And although you are no longer able to participate know that at least nine new burners will be out there lighting up the night.

Carpe Diem!!!!

Marty, you took me under your wing on my first Burn, you showed me the ropes and made me feel completely at home in Hushville. Over the years I enjoyed your company on playa and never ceased to be amazed at your absolutely positive attitude towards the event and your work at the Artery, Hushville has not been the same since you 'retired' from the playa but rest assured your name comes up often in discussions as we sit huddled from the dust with googles and masks on. You made a lasting impression on a number of us and I for one shall be forever grateful for your wisdom. Enjoy earned it!!!!


Hi Buddy, the feeling is mutual.  There were any number of times when things became physically tough for me that you came to my rescue and I tell those stories to my default friends often as I try to describe the ethos of the Burner society.  I recall most vividly the early morning as I was trying to load my Explorer before leaving and you not only helped me load, but sat me down to a wonderful breakfast  and made sure that I was hydrated.  That was not an isolated instant.  So many other times as well, that you were there for me and so may others I am sure.   I really do miss the wonderful camaraderie of so many Playa friends.  It is always good to know that one is remembered.  Pl;ease know that I would love to see you if you ever find yourself in the SF Bay Area

Hi Magic Marty,

Happy to see you "here."

I will try to wing you a few posts while I'm out there.

You will definitely be in our hearts and consciousnesses.

xo Vermillion

Hi Marty,


Your post brought tears to my eyes. We've never met, this will be my first year attending, but it feels very special to get a glimpse into such a wonderful community of people. I wish you all the best. And I'm grateful I get to experience part of the love and legacy you're leaving on this place in the world.

peace xo