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Did you get tickets?

Today was the General Ticket Sale. How many Hushvillains lucked out?

No tickets.  Put me on the list of interested buyers.

Yep, it was an "interesting" process that took over 2 hours and a couple of reconnects from my Profile.

I am so excited to be returning after not being able to get tickets the last 3 years.

As an I.T. guy, I'd love to talk to the folks who were responsible for functional acceptance testing and load testing for this new ticketing process. The Burner community has a ton of technical capability that is not being leveraged by the few full time resources employed by the Org.

fractionallycool has reacted to this post.

Mark and Lisa (mda53226) - you still need tickets? Email me at cherieratte at ewb dot ca

Wow!, pornge --

Thank-you for posting.

Missing out on the ticket sale, we've made other plans.
We recently bought a foreclosed house in Eureka Springs, AR, that we'll retire to in a couple years.
The house was abandoned a few years ago and is a mess.
We'll spend Burn week, repairing the house.

We'll try for tickets again next year and intend to join Hushville.
Meanwhile, anyone living in the Eureka Springs area or visiting . . . send a message (mda53226  _at_  yahoo)
It's a magical place.

-- Mark