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Hushville @ Arctica Ice Soiree 2018

Howdy Folks, as noted earlier in the week, Today Tuesday is the general sign up for Arctica Volunteering. I've personally registered on two different days that have a lot of openings and don't seem to interfere with other Hushville events or Playa Pops concerts. I invite you to join  me and fellow Hushvillians for Slinging, Pushing, Cashiers, greeters on the days noted below. There are plenty of positions open for Center Camp 12-3 shift on Tuesday and Thursday.  The more the merrier, Tig


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Center Camp

11:45am - 3:15pm

August 30, 2018

Center Camp
11:45am - 3:15pm


The type of work is in three categories:

Cashiers , they run the cash registers, take the money from the hot and dusty playazens. No credit, this is strictly cash and carry. A few of you with cashiers’ experience or accounting skills would be a welcome addition to aid in faster service. A few of you have offered already, speak up if you fit this profile, it is very helpful especially if you can lay off the mind altering substances. At least for during work shift.

Ice Slingers, they carry the ice from the back end of the refrigerated trailers to the cashiers/counters. A guideline at Arctica: “must be able to lift up to 45lbs” is misleading, if you can lift a bag of ice you are good to go because your mates will help out if you can’t manage.

Ice Pushers, they work up inside the ice trucks, moving the ice around from pallets to the tailgate arranged in stacks of singles, two, threes, four, five and six packs for the slingers to access it and get it to the cashiers. Ice arrives on the trucks as six packs bags on pallets and these must be broken up so the work is a little heavier. Fleece and gloves here will be helpful. I wore sandals and a light shirt once the coolest three hours I spent on the playa.

‘Greeter’,  positioned at the head of the line directing, deflecting and delineating Burners to one of four cashiers at the counter. ‘Plausible deniability’ is a good skill requirement for the person attempting this position. Naiad is famous for her efforts at this job in 2010, as well as her two articles of ‘flair’. 





 To refresh the steps to sign up I'll reprint this from last week. I'll be out of town, offline for the rest of the week, maybe Plum can answer questions..........tig


There are a couple of things to do to get ready for registering for this activity:


 “To streamline this process, please make sure every individual volunteer that is participating has filled out their BURNER PROFILE and VOLUNTEER FORM (remember to select “Arctica Ice Sales” in the volunteer form!)


 Log into: Shiftboard  & practice navigating the web page. You may have to exercise a ‘forgot password’ to initiate a new ‘Shiftboard’ password per the Volunteer Walkthrough noted below.


 You will notice that some shifts are only available to Theme Camp Members. They will be reserved for theme camp sign ups until Monday, July 23rd. If you are interested in any of these shifts, please check back on Tuesday, July 24th! Available shifts will be released to all volunteers at that time.



Signup Instructions:



  1. Login to Shiftboard using your Burner Profile login info
  2. Select 'Calendar' in the menu
  3. Change the month to August
  4. Find an open shift you would like to work, and click 'Take This Shift'



For those who are new to Shiftboard, please refer to this Volunteer Walkthrough for step-by-step instructions - with photos!


Hei-hei All!

Yeah, let's get a full Tu and/or Th shift of fabulous Hushvillians!  As Tig noted, you have to go to the sites he mentioned to make sure your Burner profile and volunteer forms are in order before going to the Shiftboard site (see his posting of 7-24-18 at 10:48).  Note that when you are on the Shiftboard site and looking at the calendar, be sure you are in the right month AND WEEK, and that you pick the Center Camp listings, as the Ice-3 (Ice-cubed?) and Ice-9 listings are also present.  So far there are still lots of positions available at Center Camp during the Tu and Th 12-3 shifts, but don't delay.  I guarantee you WILL have fun at Arctica! (terms of this guarantee are a bit nebulous, but still...)  And you get a free bag o' ice when your shift is over.

I just signed up for a cashier position at Center Camp Arctica on Tuesday for the 11:45am-3:15pm shift (nominal 12-3 plus overlap/shift change/brief training).  Anyone who'd like to join me, feel free to sign up for that shift.  Yeah, baby!


Arctica Penguins can count on a pre-shift mixer at Camp Penguin, beginning from 1 to 48 hour prior to our shift. Please stop by  somewhere in Hushville (see town center map) prior to shift for our traditional march of the penguins hosted by Morgan Freeman.* Remember the Tuesday shift happens to fall on Tutu Tuesday this year.

Personal privacy laws prevent visibility of who signs up for this volunteer effort from Hushville, but by dropping me a note soon telling me you've signed up will ensure that any swag created for this event will be reserved in your name. Click my profile picture for email.....tig


*Not hosted by Morgan Freeman

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Arctica shifts are filling up quickly, signing up on shiftboard online will be closing Friday August 17th.  After Friday, sign-ups with be in person at the igloos on printed schedules.

Note the dates in previous posts and process for joining a few of your fellow Hushvillians for Arctica volunteering on Tuesday and Thursday, if spots are still available.  tig


Here’s a fantastic video full of reminders for all Black Rock City volunteers - especially for burgins!



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