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Hi everyone, your Hushville Events Coordinator Cupcake, here.

We have some awesome news!   This year, we are excited to announce the formalization of the FLASH CUBE, an interactive space for Hushvillians to host external facing events to connect and share with our fellow BRC citizens.   This space will be approximately 30 wide x 20 feet deep and will be located street-side (exact location TBD once we get placement).

As you may have heard, interactivity is top of mind for the BMORG this year and is expected to be even more so in the future.   Hushville, a long established village, has been placed year after year - something we greatly appreciate and don't take for granted.  To that end, we want to ensure that Hushville is not only a great place to camp, but allows connection within our own village AND to the broader community as well.

So, what about the FLASH CUBE???  The FLASH CUBE is space that will be YOUR space to host external facing events.   Hushville will provide a standard 30X60 folding table and 2 chairs, evening soft ambient lighting (fairy lights) and SHADE (SO important – more on that later).

EVENTS CALENDARS –  I will be managing 2 DIFFERENT EVENTS calendars for 2019 – a FLASH CUBE CALENDAR and a HUSHVILLE EVENTS CALENDAR.   What’s the difference?

The FLASH CUBE CALENDAR is specific to this street-side reservable external facing event space.

The HUSHVILLE EVENTS CALENDAR is for our HV Theme Camps and others who are planning to host events in their own camp space or in shared space (i.e. the TOWN ROUND).     Thanks to those HV Theme Camps who have already planned events for 2019 – I’ll be contacting you soon with a draft HUSHVILLE EVENTS CALENDAR to confirm your event date/time/location.   If you would like to host an internal HV event, please contact me at events(at)hushville(dot)org and I’ll include you on the HUSHVILLE EVENTS CALENDAR.   We have room for more!

FUN FLASH CUBE EVENTS - We are currently brainstorming ideas for FLASH CUBE EVENTS so we can fill up the FLASH CUBE CALENDAR with fun stuff for our HV folks to host!   OR you can create your own event to host.   If you have any cool/fun ideas, or you would like to host an event at the FLASH CUBE, please contact me at events(at)hushville(dot)org so I can add your idea to the brainstorming list or add your event and reserve you a spot on the FLASH CUBE CALENDAR.    The earlier you contact me to secure a hosted event reservation, the better chance your preferred time/date will be available.   Please be aware that I may be offline for a day or two, but I will get back to you.

We’re really excited to kick this off and hope you all give us some great ideas for FLASH CUBE events!

I’ll provide updates including volunteer FLASH CUBE EVENT hosting opportunities and the FLASH DRIVE fundraising event as we continue our countdown to homecoming.