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Last Annual Magic Marty Immodest Mimosa Mile

OK, you know you wanna do it....ride yer bike whilst nekkid around the playa...and this could be the last, Last Annual Magic Marty Immodest Mimosa Mile.  Don't miss it!

Be there at 08:30 (yep, that's a.m.) on Wednesday at Camp Plum Lightnin' on the Hushville Town Round.   We'll enjoy the sensuality of the sun and breeze on our skin, head up to the Man, thence back, perhaps along part of the Esplanade as consensus dictates (or not), and enjoy cold mimosas at Camp Plum Lightnin'.

It's early enough you don't have to worry about slathering that gucky sunscreen all over; we'll only be out in the morning sun for 20-30 minutes or so.  Stretch your personal boundaries and join us in the buff for a fun ride and tasty drinks afterwards!
Cheers! if'n y'all have questions, either pertinent or impertinent

Only TWO weeks from today we'll head out in the buff on our bikes from Camp PlumLightnin' by the Town Round, for  a short circuit to the Man and back.  This is your chance to expand your experience with others of like mind.  Yeah, my white, white ass will be exposed to the sun for the first time in, well, since last year.   Screw up your courage and join us!  It's fun, it feels great, and we'll start the day right with mimosas afterwards.   And you'll be one step closer to being comfortable with your body, whatever the shape or style.  And the first half dozen or so to join us will get a cool sticker or tattoo commemorating, uh, the 2018 MMIMM (I guess I'm not quite on top of it, but what can ya do?)

From "The Wordy Shipmates" by Sarah Vowell, a recounting of the first Puritans in New England:   " jarring it must have been to be an adult Narragansett and this strange white man shows up out of the blue and shatters his lifelong peace of mind with what the stranger calls the "good news" that the native is in fact a wicked, worthless evildoer and so was his mother...The irony of informing nearly naked people in a wilderness setting about the story of naked Adam and Eve eating the fruit of knowledge and inventing the fashion industry due to a sudden need for clothing to hide their shame is not lost on Williams [founder of Rhode Island].  The natives "sleep soundly counting it a felicity...that every man be content with his skin."

That's what I'm talkin' about!